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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Basement Renovation - Phase 4

Well, it's coming right along!
I think we're about at a stopping point for now, but I wanted to show you the latest thing we've finished.
We hung some great photos!!
We decided to turn the left side of the staircase into sort of a family side - the cabinets house a lot of the boys' stuff like their electronics and comic books, etc.  And we hung some family photos.

Brennan and Thomas, and Donna, Jeffrey, Taylor and Ellie

Then we're in the middle next to the Rupps

Then on the other side, Natalie and Danielle and an older photo of the boys I took.

So, the 4 stages of this area in the basement.

I'm really happy with the finished look!
David thinks the plant/pot is too big so I might move some things around, and who knows if we'll put anything else on the counter.  But for now, I love the clean look.
On this side of the stairs I've got entertaining and food serving stuff stored.  And stuff for the pool area that we keep indoors.  It's so nice to have it all in one place!
We went to an art show last weekend and found 3 prints to frame for this wall below the lights, but ended up moving the art to another space.  After finding the right frames and all, I just really didn't like them here.  David agreed.  We'll keep looking.  It'll take time but there's no rush.
And the painting on the far wall above the glass table has been moved too. 
Now we're thinking about what to do at this other end. 
 David's thinking about a chair and table for a reading area.  That might be nice there.

And possibly some new end tables for the family room area.
Who knows - art on the walls too.
It'll all come together eventually.

But for now I'm loving the functionality of the cabinets and counter and am really happy with the decisions we've made.  
You can see phase 1 and "before" photos here.
You can see phase 2 here and phase 3 here.
Have a great Labor Day!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Great daylight basement. How nice, Bonnie! I know you must be so pleased with it so far. I love how your family photos are matted and framed!

Anna said...

The family pictures look great in that space, and I love the light fixture too.