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Sunday, September 2, 2012

August Random Photos

It is really, really hard to believe that August 2012 is a memory. 
Where did this summer go??
The boys have been back in school for 4 weeks though, so it feels like a nice summer extension.
The weather has been beautiful, too.

Sorry, most of these are iPhone photos.

Thomas is getting ready for his first 5K later this fall.  He's been going to the gym with us, running on the treadmill and doing pull ups and push-ups.

The boys read a lot of science and other books like The Encyclopedia of Immaturity and The Dangerous Book for Boys.  Somewhere they read that you should trying freezing an egg to see what would happen.  So they did, and this is the inside of an unboiled egg once it's been frozen.  Pretty cool!

David took us on a tour of one of the the historical buildings in town that his company now owns.  They kept these original taps in a little kitchen area.  I loved the "Sprite", "Coke", and "Tab"!

I went to my friend Leah's birthday party earlier in the month.  She had a house full of friends out to celebrate!  It was great.

We went to our friends' house one weekend on the lake and had a great time on the ski boat, the pontoon boat, sharing a meal and a beautiful day on the lake!

Brennan had been ready to go tubing for months!!  The day finally arrived.

He and Justin had a blast together.

Thomas loved it too.  The boys rarely fell off and wanted to go again and again and again.

Six of the seven kids all out together

A gorgeous day on the lake!

While we were pulling supper together, the kids relaxed in the hot tub.

Thomas attended our church's Youth Group kick-off party last weekend.
They had a lunch and fun afternoon at one of our local lakes.
Thomas enjoyed kayaking, swimming, hanging out with friends...

These water bikes are really cool!

Lots of fun games.
David went with Thomas and I begged him to send me photos!

Everyone had a ball!

I got to see my sweet friend Renee and Miss Addie last week, when we met up in Indy for lunch.
Melissa sent me this cute photo of Addie in honor of all the Miso Soup I'd been blogging about recently!  She's 9 months now and soooo precious!

We headed downtown to the arts festival last weekend.  We were looking for a couple of pieces for the basement.  These guys were doing chalk painting and we had to stop and watch.  The Arts Council's annual fundraiser is coming up and the theme is Steampunk (which I know very little about but I think is pretty cool!).  This art piece was entitled "Steampunk Cats".

Our neighbors had a mobile, outdoor pizza oven built. 
They make great pizzas, and we're looking forward to them cooking for us at our next Wine Club.
They had the neighborhood over last month for pizzas.  We, of course, had to go!

I found Thomas entertaining the younger kids, but pushing them down the little hill in the cute car. 
He did this for a very long time - the kids never got tired of him!
My boys look like giants compared to the little ones!

Finally, we went to our Wine Club in August.  It was a Mexican theme with Mexican beers and margaritas.  I neglected to take a single photo!  It was such a wonderful evening - again, out on a lake!  Wonderful people, wonderful food, wonderful night.


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