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Sunday, September 9, 2012

End of Summer

First month of the new school year is already behind us.
We're looking forward to having Mama and Carolyn up next weekend for a nice long weekend!
Just a few photos about our latest adventures.
Brennan surprised us this year by announcing he wanted to take Gymnastics. 
He's taken tumbling before, as a preschooler, but wanted to do gymnastics, so I signed him up for the boys' class through Parks and Rec.  He absolutely loves it! 
Here he is, ready to work on his dive forward rolls.

In addition to Gymnastics, Brennan is in piano again this year.
He also joined his elementary school's choir and had a great first lesson. 
Practices and concerts start to get serious starting this coming week!
And, he has become really active at church - in Sunday School and in the music program.
He'll also be starting to attend monthly Youth Group activities for the 4th-6th grade crowd.
Finally, Brennan also started Spanish School on Saturday!
Sponsored by our local Latino organization, it's an immersion program.
He loved the first day and is excited to go back.
Here's my view every afternoon and morning.  Brennan in the backseat with a pencil either starting on homework as we head to the middle school to pick up Thomas, or designing his "dream mansion" in the mornings on the way to school.  (It includes geothermal energy and a wine cellar.)

Our friends Dave and Rosann have an end of summer party every September.
Brennan and I went together yesterday.  Here's Brennan with baby Emma.  He took his wiggly-baby-holding responsibilities very seriously.  Emma is 7 months and a wiggler! And such a cutie.
We were so excited when Dave and Rosann announced that Emma will be a big sister in about 8 weeks.  We're so happy for their family!!

I got my hair cut on Friday.  I mentioned to Kristen that David and I were going to a concert that night, so she played with my hair.  It was so cute!  And it actually stayed up the entire evening!

David and I went to Indy to see Toad the Wet Sprocket (a favorite 90s band) - all original members, too!  We had such a good time, going out to dinner and enjoying the two opening bands and Toad at The Vogue.  A great, great night!!

Toad 2012, The Vogue

I found a squirrel trying his best to drink from our pool the other day.  I had to run out the door and I was concerned I'd find a floating squirrel when I got home so I shooed him away.  It's been raining plenty here, so I'm not sure why he wanted the pool water!

David was cleaning leaves out of the pool and found this very cute turtle though.  Luckily the chlorine hadn't gotten to him yet.  David released him in the woods near our house.

I had lunch with my old friends Kelly (standing) and Robin last week!
We hadn't all been together in such a long time - but now we're all living in the same state/country!
Top is 1998, bottom is 2012.
We had a great time catching up over lunch and are looking for a night to get together sometime soon!

I'm actually finally looking forward to Fall!

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