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Monday, November 19, 2012

Addie's 1st Birthday

 Brennan and I had such a great visit to see our friends and share in Addie's first birthday!
Melissa, Brennan, and Addie

Renee and Melissa had the absolute cutest decorations!
I think God knew what he was doing when he gave me boys.
I could never think through all the sweet details!

I was so happy that we got to visit with Renee & Mike, up from Virginia, and Melissa, Gary & Addie.
They are some of my very favorite people!

Addie did great opening gifts.  She enjoyed all the paper, ribbons, and fun stuff inside.
I love her little bow.  As with most little girls, it didn't stay in long.  She gave it to Brennan!

I was glad to see she liked the alphabet apple we got for her. 
I know our boys both loved theirs when they were little.

And she loved her new little doggy.  He looks like Renee and Mike's Max!
She was petting gently.

She got the most adorable outfits!!

Seriously - Renee gives all of the credit to Pinterest, but I know better.
She made these pom poms and put these photos together, and took twigs from outdoors and voila - a beautiful centerpiece!

Aw, and these beautiful pom poms too!
The food was delicious and Brennan can vouch for all of it. 
He especially loved the chocolate fountain, the sandwiches, the apples and caramel dip, and birthday cake with "the best" vanilla ice cream - with vanilla beans.

 Renee and Addie!

Mike and Addie

Addie loved her new books.  She wasn't happy putting them down to open the next gift.
I love that about her!
Addie and Gary

No one had more fun than this kid!

On the drive home I asked Brennan if he was happy we got to go to Addie's party.  He said, "YES! And do you want to know my top 3 reasons why this was the best party?"  Well, of course I do.
"#3 - The chocolate fountain and the chocolate straws to dip in the fountain, and the marshmallows too!"
"#2 - Seeing all of Addie's gifts.  She got some great toys.  Oh, and clothes too."
"1.5 - The latte that Major Mike made me!"
"1 - Getting to see Addie.  And all of her cuteness."
I agree, Brennan.

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