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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Catching Up!

I'm so behind on some of the things we've been up to.  Forgive me for all the photos coming up - especially the not-so-great iPhone photos.  Just a few snaps of our hectic, but wonderful, recent fall days.
We had a great time trick or treating with friends on Halloween!
But first, even ninjas have to get their homework done....

Ninja Brennan, Evil Jester Thomas, and Knight Justin - ready to score some candy
Brennan was a brave soul and had 4 teeth extracted in October.  This month he got his retainer and has done so well keeping up with it.  He's been very mature about it, and really looks adorable.

I can't tell you how well Brennan's school year is going - really, really great. 
He's in the school choir this year (5th/6th grade) and did just beautifully at the Veterans Day program.  It brought tears to me eyes - the whole program was so well done.  There were 72 veterans in attendance.  I wish my dad could have been there.

I got terribly blurry shots but it was terrific to see the kids.  Their voices were amazing.

Presenting the colors

 Brennan is on the second row from the bottom, second from the left.  He's a soprano.
He's really got a great voice.

Taps at the end of the program
In addition to the school choir, Brennan also participates in the children's Worship Arts program at church.  Here he is singing with the children's choir earlier this month.  It was soooo good!
I loved their second song when they were joined by some of the Silver Tones and performed a round.  Just beautiful!

We had the biggest deer wander into our yard one morning.  I had to take some photos from the upstairs window.  He only had one antler though.  He was in no hurry to leave, but when he did, he just walked through our yard over to the neighbor's house.  So strange.
Our friends Dave and Rosann welcomed baby girl Jocelyn Anne earlier this month!
I got to visit with Jocelyn and big sister Emma.  Jocelyn is adorable but I realized I was rusty with the burping business.  She forgave me though.  She's just so sweet!

Thomas has had a very full Fall.  The Youth Choir did a "green rap" at church last weekend, in their rapping casual clothes (Thomas's rap attire included khakis and a polo shirt).  He loves being a part of the church Youth Group.


 One evening I sent Brennan off to change out of his wrinkled t-shirt because we were headed to dinner with friends.  Here's what he comes up with for a quick Mexican dinner.  Including a handmade pocket square.
I sent him back downstairs to lose the formal attire because it was just Mexican with friends.
He kept the dress shoes, shirt, and sport coat, but threw on some jeans.  He takes his Mexican with friends very seriously.

 David took down 5 dying red bud trees in our front yard up by the street last month.  He took them down as far as he could go with the chainsaws and saws and his disposal.
Then we called in the stump removers to come finish the job for us.  They spent HOURS on those 5 stumps one morning.  It looks great our front now with the healthy trees thriving.
And finally...
The academic challenge program that the boys have been in at our elementary school had their annual Drama Days again on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.  (I personally think they choose this day so we won't pull a sick day right before a holiday :))
Thomas enjoyed 3 years of Drama Days but is off to Junior High now - it about killed him that he couldn't see our school's three grades' plays and the other ac school in town present their plays.
Drama and all the prep leading up doesn't come easily to Brennan, but he did absolutely great this year!  He played George Washington in his class's first of two plays.  This play the class wrote themselves!  Brennan was awesome!

They even wrote the song and dance number (Brennan's on the far right in the George Washington wig, kicking off the song and dance...)

George Washington himself

Phew, and that's been our last few weeks!

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