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Friday, May 31, 2013

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Greenhouse

A Greenhouse
Truth be told, the boys have been to plenty of greenhouses over the years - but apparently never when I've had a camera with me, or thought to snap a photo.  I remember the impressive one at Epcot that we rode through. 
I wanted to get some flowers for a pot on the front porch so we stopped by one of our local nurseries & greenhouses yesterday after school/running at the gym/errands.
This is not one of the largest greenhouses in our area, but they have great plants and produce, and they use it all year long, growing plants from seed.
My sweet helpers

I got a bunch of different blues and greens for my front porch.
Brennan chose peaches and a grapefruit to make a fruit salad tonight.
Yes, they have other shirts, they just wear these two all.the.time.

From the Book:
#99 - A Greenhouse
Outside the weather is cloudy and cold, the trees are bare, and there's not a speck of green to be seen.  But step inside the doors of a greenhouse, and a rush of warm tropical air and a riot of colors greet you.  You've been transported, not just through space, but also through time; it's another season in here.  Greenhouses can expertly re-create the climate of a place that may be very far away, indeed: the Amazonian rain forest, an arid desert, or a plant bog.  You can see rare orchids, spiny cacti, and even carnivorous plants as bright topical frogs leap over your path and macaws squawk in the trees above you.  When your visit is over, you probably won't want to go back outside into your own environment.  But you can always return for a little blast of summer when you've got the winter blues.

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