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Friday, May 3, 2013

April Catch Up!

We're in the last month of school, woo hoo!
I'm ready for summer break.
Here are a few photos from our April!
We got Thomas a Guam shirt because he's the creator of this Guam friends group on facebook which is really funny.  It's just a random thing his friends all came up with at lunch in the 7th grade.  Brennan (in Thomas's old Poland shirt) jumped in the photo.

Thomas created a familia tree for his Spanish class with lots of descriptions in Spanish about us.  You may recognize yourself here.

Ah, Spring.  I love it!  This was the first day when the house painters arrived, and David was working from home.  My view from the desk.
The drive down our street.  I love spring!!

The Boatwrights made the paper - front page! 
Continued in two other spots.  I think if you double click you can read it better.

 And speaking of running, the boys have been doing a little bit after school.
Here's Thomas on his last treadmill run before his first 5K. 
He's a great runner!

And here are he and David sprinting their last few hundred yards of Thomas's first 5K.
They did great!  (David's an old pro - look at his feet, not even touching the ground!).
Thomas's 7th-12th grade youth group has been preparing for our annual Youth Sunday for weeks.
They write the entire service.  Thomas was in the skits, sang, and even played the piano for one of the songs.  They did a really great job this year!
Here is the 4th-6th grade youth group (who served as ushers for the Youth Sunday service) practicing ringing the bell on the practice Saturday.  Brennan's waiting for his turn at the top of the stairs.
"Feed My Lambs" - Thomas on piano, Laura on flute and many of the youth singing.

We went out to dinner at a brew pup with part of our wine club one Sunday evening.
Nice to get out and catch up with friends!
(iPhone photos and light streaming through windows don't mix)
David was surprised in his boss's staff meeting with his 20 year pin, a wonderful speech, and cake!
It's so hard to believe we're old enough for him to have worked for 20 years!
Brennan enjoyed trying on his pin.
The Service League new member class collected items for children in the legal advocacy program in our community.  They may not live with their parents because of legal issues, and their Advocate meets with them and helps them cope through the difficult time, and help them through the legal processes.  We made hundreds of bags with age-appropriate items for the Advocates to give to the kids when they meet with them.  It was a great project to be a part of.

And here you can see that our house painting began in earnest in April.  If you look at the right half of the house you see the new, darker color and the original, lighter color.  We're really happy with the color choice that we went with.  I'll have more to share as the house gets finished up.  So exciting!

And now we're into the first weekend of May with Brennan's choir concert, a play at Thomas's school, a friend's wedding, and lots of other fun stuff going on.
And it's warm and the flowers and trees couldn't be prettier!


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