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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Newest Member of the Band

6th grade band tryouts were last night at our school.
Brennan, who enjoyed a great 5th grade year in choir, is ready to join the 6th grade band.
We saw most of his classmates at testing.
6th graders at our school have the option of band, guitar, or music in the 6th grade.
Most choose band, and they are fired up!
The kids experimented with the instruments all last week in prep for testing.
They're encouraged to come in with two instruments they think would be their favorites.
Ha - Brennan wanted to try them ALL.

Not enthused about the baritone/euphonium - was looking already to see what was next.

He was leaning towards percussion, trumpet, and French horn.

In the end, French horn won out and he is so excited!  Because of his great pitch and ability to read music, the middle school and high school band directors were excited to hear him do really well on the horn.

The instrument is rented and will be waiting for him on his first day of Summer Band Camp!
Here's Thomas two years ago trying out for his instrument! 
Oh, so little!
(It's as if I dressed them in matching clothes for tryouts!)

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