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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Fun 1

Wow, have we only been out of school a little more than a week?
We've packed a lot in - which is always the case in June.
July is always less hectic.
Here are a few of the latest photos!
Sorry if some are less than clear - lots of iPhone photos.
Summer hair cuts with Miss Kristen
Pick up on last day of school.  Brennan was PSYCHED!  Now a 6th grader!
And Thomas, too.  He texted me after school to ask if he could walk to the sno cone place with his friends.  And could I pick him up at the Subway afterward.  Oh, and could I swing by and drop off money for him.  And for Steven who didn't have any.  And they were leaving rightthen so could I do it quickly.  And thank you.  I love you.
Our 8th grader

That night, David and I went out on a date.  A lovely Italian dinner downtown and then he walked me through their newest renovated building, which was formerly a bank.  It's a National Historic Landmark so they put a lot of care into the renovation.
I love that they kept the vault.  So cool!
And these Eero Saarinen stairs are really neat.

The men enjoyed playing basketball together one night

Awesome air!
And then Sunday Thomas and the junior high youth headed out for their mission trip.

Brennan saying goodbye to Thomas.

As youth elder I got regular texts and photos from the chaperones so I could pass along how the kids (who aren't allowed to take any electronic devices or phones) were doing.  They built a prayer labyrinth at the Presbyterian camp.  They moved 9 tons of gravel, 5 tons of rocks, and 4 truck loads of mulch.  They did a great job!
But, back to me and my "only child" the first week of break.
Band Camp started - Brennan was soooo excited to finally get his French horn.
He loves the 3 week camp - just an hour a day, 2 for Thomas.  Their concert is next week.

Brennan's classmate Anna is moving to South Korea for 3 years.  She and her sister had a huge party for their classes and friends.  Here is the parting gift.  So cute!

We planted them out back.

We went for a "fancy lunch" together...

Then had gelato at a store where I had a quick meeting about a future wine club party
Brennan had been DYING to go play Putt-Putt, so we did.  And this is all before 2:00 on the first day of Summer Break.  Phew.

Mid-week the youth group mission trip was taking a break to go to Holiday World. 
On the spur of the moment I decided to take Brennan and join them, and we brought Cora along, whose sister was also on the trip.
These studious 6th graders read the entire trip...

I chaperoned these handsome boys, which really meant I waited for them at the exit for each of the roller coasters.  I did go on plenty of water rides, but I wasn't about to do the coasters.

Later in the week Brennan and I took Dad to lunch.  Brennan chose a spot near Dad's office.
Swimming, of course...

I got to go out with friends one night and we had such a great time catching up, sitting outside at a great spot downtown.

Me going to pick up my boy from a week away.  I was really excited.

Every time he leaves he comes back taller, more mature, and with a much deeper voice. 
I have handed the gas pumping reigns over to him.
Have I mentioned how much I love summer??!!

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