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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thomas is 13!!

Our Thomas turned 13 yesterday!
I was very sentimental since he is at camp this week (along with Brennan).  I've never NOT spent his entire birthday with him - since he's not in school on his birthday, I'm usually with him all day long.  Not this year.  Bittersweet.
Here's a photo of us at Grandma Carolyn's house, celebrating Thomas's 1st birthday, me expecting Brennan.  Our first "family photo" :)

 Because Thomas has such a busy June, we decided to have his party earlier in the month.  Again this year he chose friends to play laser tag, then come home to swim and spend the night.  It was a laaaaate night for the boys, but they had a really fun time.
Thomas climbing the Spider Man wall (wearing magnets)
Brennan had a ton of fun too, but then joined Dad for dinner and "Man of Steel" while Thomas and friends headed home to swim and hang out.

The kids don't really do presents at their parties any more, but sometimes friends bring a little something - like this Phineas and Ferb fedora for Thomas.

And while I normally get to take a photo of my birthday boys, we opted to take early ones when we dropped the boys off at camp on Sunday.  Bittersweet.
Thomas is attending the Junior High Challenge Camp this year which includes lots of hiking, high ropes courses, and ziplining.  They also stay in the rustic cabins - you can tell by my sweat glistening face that it wasn't air conditioned.  I hope he survived :)

Happy 13th Birthday, Thomas!!

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

*gasps* I cannot believe he's a teenager, and wow, has he ever grown since I met him in person!!!

Congrats on your thirteenth birthday, Thomas. I hope you celebrate for at least one week!

Ricki Jill