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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas 2013 (x5)

We are blessed with a big ol' family.
Not only does Santa visit us a little early in Indiana, but we then get to see all of our extended family down south over the week.  We wouldn't miss it.  A few highlights of our Christmas(es).
I think Brennan likes the phone Santa brought him (boy David and Brennan are really representing the Hoosier state, huh?  Don't worry - we received lots of SEC apparel.)
Thomas had a Dr. Who Christmas for sure.

Look, the Tardis is hovering!

New boots - much needed since their feet are growing like crazy and we got another 5 inches of snow today!

Brennan LOVES his new bathrobe.  Loves it.

And was extremely excited about his V Sauce tshirt (it's a computer website that all the kids love these days).

Then we headed south.  Not sure you can see what I'm seeing here but David and his Mini Me are identical - got their ear buds and their iPhones.
We had a wonderful time with David's family celebrating Christmas.
Brennan (almost 12), Ellie (almost 9), Thomas (13.5), Taylor (12)

Ellie and Brennan read aloud the Christmas Story from the Bible with Grandma Carolyn

The fig tree

And we had a lot of fun hanging out with Grandpa Laroy and Grandma Nan!  We had Mama's famous gumbo.  Sooooo good.
Watching football, of course.

Here Grandma showed them a great app on her ipad to make the creepiest funniest faces.


Like this one.  See?  Creepy.
The backseat crew as we headed to Canton to celebrate with David's extended family.

We all got to spend time with Jane Marie - the first of the next generation.
The older cousins loved taking her for walks.

Jane Marie and her Grandpa Cary

Jeffrey and Me

David and Jane Marie - playing catch

Brennan's teaching Jane Marie the fine art of selfies on his iPhone

Again, Doctor Who for Thomas.  I'm not sure he's taken this scarf off since he got it for Christmas.

The cousins
Brennan (almost 12), Ellie (almost 9), Thomas (13.5), Sara Brady (almost 15), Jane Marie (18 months), Elizabeth (12.5), Taylor (12)

Then it was off to visit Shelly and family for our family Christmas.
The girls had friends over when we arrived.  They all had fun together.

Thomas is a true chick magnet.
Brennan too evidently
Danielle (7) and Brennan

We all had fun with visiting Baby Amilie, especially Brennan who loves a chance to hold a baby

Cousins impromptu dance party, led by Natalie of course
Thomas (13.5), Brennan (almost 12), Natalie (almost 10), Danielle (7)

I took the crew out to see "Frozen" which was a lot of fun and a sweet movie

I had to snap this when Danielle climbed in Thomas's lap during the movie

Then, one final stop on our Mississippi grand tour to see my extended family!
I forget how many boys we have in our extended family - lots and they all have a good time together - here they're showing each other their favorite games

Even the littlest ones had fun
AvaGrace and Audrey Beth

Brittney and me
My grandmother and her three children
Aunt Hilda, Daddy, Uncle Zack

And the great-grandkids

A wonderful, wonderful holiday with our families!!

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