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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

November Photos

I'm still trying to catch up on all of our photos!  Here are some of our favorites from November.
Beautiful foliage this year with all the rain we had!

Our church one beautiful Fall morning

At the entrance to our neighborhood

One Saturday Thomas and I went to Terre Haute to visit friends Melissa, Gary, Addie, and new baby Ellie! 
Ellie is so, so sweet!

  We had so much fun playing with the girls.

We gave Addie our old Dickens Village set that we haven't had out of boxes since we lived in Tennessee (12 years ago!)  She had a fun time setting it up and looking at all the pieces.

Addie learned the art of selfies!

Gary got out his trumpet and they taught Addie to play.

Addie got Thomas to play with the play-doh.
It was a fun time with two sweet little girls!

We headed back home to see Brennan in his first city choir concert.
He did a GREAT job!

This concert was a chorale with 5 different city choirs performing together.

So proud!

David and I met up for apps one night at Applebees.
Here I am, waiting on my sweetie.  I like my hair here  :)
David gets all the chain restaurants confused and was waiting for me at Chili's.
We got it sorted out :)

Brennan made a poster for Veterans Day of Grandpa Laroy.  All the posters were displayed for the month of November and for the Veterans Day program at the school.

Thomas had a fun month.  One night the youth group delivered Thanksgiving fun treats to the younger kids and the adult volunteers who spend so much time with the youth.

He served as Lay Liturgist one Sunday at church.

He especially liked the salt powered car that Gary and Melissa gave him and Brennan.

Our wine club went to the Wine-a-Ree downtown - a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts.  Sampling wines and then a nice dinner out is a great way to spend an evening with friends!
Darla, me, May

Yummy dinner with our friends

We got some serious snow one day in November, and even more in December.

And we celebrated Thanksgiving with our good friends.  This is the 9th year that we've gotten together to celebrate the holidays.  These kids are growing way too fast :)


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