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Thursday, January 2, 2014

December 2013 Photos

We had a great December that started with a huge snowstorm.  I fear for the length of our spring break since we've already had 2 snow days!  Here are a bunch of our December memories.
7 inches of snow one day

Our elf Quickly was up to no good this year

David and I got to celebrate the holidays with our good friends in the Wine Club at Lora's new home

David and I attended a number of holiday parties...
...and got to celebrate our 21st anniversary together
Brennan had one concert after another, starting with the children's Christmas musical at church.  See him below as Buffalo #1

The city children's choir performed with the Philharmonic and they did a great job.  This was Brennan's first real concert and it was a big one.

Performing with the Philharmonic in the background

We took him out to dinner afterwards to celebrate 

In addition to two other choir concerts he had two school band concerts playing French Horn
Thomas and friends were very excited to see The Hobbit second movie.  Thomas, of course, had to wear his dwarf beard.

Thomas had two band concerts as well. Here is his 8th grade band performing.

Once school was out we were able to enjoy some family time including a trip tot he movie to see "Saving Mr. Banks" (which we all recommend)

Watching a little football (go SEC!)

And of course, getting ready for Christmas.  Brennan was the lights director this year and took the whole thing very seriously.  They are GREAT decorators!

Christmas photos to come!
Happy New Year!

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