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Monday, March 3, 2014

Bailey Boatwright

Meet Bailey Boatwright!

If you're on facebook then you've already seen our sweet little puppy more than once.
And you may have even helped us name him!

Bailey is a 5 week old Malti-Poo and he'll come home to us in 3 weeks once we return from Spring Break.

But, I'd like nothing more than to drive back to his owner's home and pick him up right this minute.
I also consider calling hourly to check in on him.
David keeps me in check.

He is the sweetest little thing and after looking deep into my eyes, snuggled into my chest and closed his little eyes.  

David is completely on board (yeah!)
Thomas has been super excited.
Brennan (who is afraid of dogs and doesn't like change) was initially worried, but now is excited too.

And really, look at this little man.

I can't wait.

1 comment:

David James said...

Blessed Family...

God Bless You ...

Read Daily God's word....

Praise the Lord!