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Friday, March 28, 2014

Bailey is Home

We got home from Spring Break Saturday night and picked up our furball on Sunday morning.  He had just turned 8 weeks old and we were so excited to see him and bring him to his new home!

On our way back from picking him up.  We stopped for a quick break and had to take him out of his car carrier.  He's just too sweet.

Our first stop was Petco because we weren't quite prepared!

The boys decided to take him for a walk that afternoon to help him get used to his collar and leash.
Look how tiny!

I cleared my calendar for the most part the next two weeks with David gone and a new baby in the house.
It's been a relaxing week spending quality time with Bailey.

Brennan took this photo to show David Bailey's "relative size" in comparison to an apple.

Bailey turned 2 months old this week.  I've loved all the baby age photos my friends post on facebook.  I had to do the same for my new baby :)

The boys rush home after school and their various practices and want to immediately play with Bailey.
I've left them to babysit while I do errands and they are so, so good with him. 
It's been a really pleasant week!

One morning I noticed Bailey wasn't trailing me.
I found him in the laundry room curled up in the boys' laundry to be washed. 
He slept there for an hour.
Soooo sweet!

Here he's posing with three of his babies.

And here he is not too long later, passed out after a hard time playing.

We can't wait for David to get home and re-meet Bailey.
He's a very welcome addition to the family!

And I love snuggling him - he is so, so sweet.

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