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Sunday, March 2, 2014

February Photos

Given today's icy weather it's hard to believe that March is already here.  This has been one cold, snowy, icy winter here in Indiana. But with March comes the promise of Spring, so I'm hopeful!

And here are some photos from our fun February.

I organized a class with some of the Happiness Project participants and other friends in town.  We learned how to make a pretty topiary using yellow lilies.  It was so much fun!

As I'm getting my lilies ready to place in the setting.

The topiary with the lilies and leatherback greenery in place.

And then with the other flowers added in, it's starting to come together.

Megan (who's now had baby Hadleigh!) and her masterpiece

Violet and Edie

Sandy and Kate

JayDee and Leigh

Gina did a great job leading the class!

It was Groundhog Day so Brennan and I made groundhog day desserts for the family.

 I had an absolutely wonderful week celebrating my birthday!
It was so much fun - lots of lunches and wonderful cards and gifts.
I spent the day with a friend shopping and then went out to dinner with several couples, including 3 handsome boys.  It was a great way to end a great day!

Brennan and Thomas with our good friend Mary.

I was especially glad David could be in town for my birthday. 
Then he was off to Germany for two weeks.  We sure missed him.

He was especially excited about his rental car.  
I can promise I've never taken a photo of my rental car on a business trip :)

Thomas had a lot of cross-country, church drama and music practice, and service learning project hours in February.  This little man and I spent lots of time together.

The boys have started going skating or to the movies with their friends.  Without an adult.  I just drop them off.  It's very.very.very strange.  But they're having fun.

On one particular Friday night I was reminding them on the drive there not to leave the skating rink building, to keep their money in their pockets, to stay with their friends.  Etc.  Thomas says OK to everything I say.  Brennan says, "Mom, I think we got it."

After they disappeared inside I wanted to remind Brennan to keep his phone in his pocket.  Here's the text I got back.  Stinker.

They braved the snow on a rather pleasant day and went for a hike in the ravine behind our house.

While I friends Barry and Leigh escaped to Florida for a week we took care of Oberon (Obie) the largest, coolest cat.  We took turns going over and playing with him.  The boys loved it of course.

Brennan was soooo happy to see Dad when he got back from his long trip.  They stopped on the street to greet. 

David and I went to our church's preschool's 60th birthday dinner and fundraiser.  It was fun to get dressed up and the dinner was really delicious!  We had a good time celebrating the preschool where Brennan attended, which led us to our church home.

Math Bowl competition ended a 3 month adventure for Brennan.
Regular weekly practices with the team.

His team came in 2nd place in the city competition.
Those questions were tough.  
He did a great job!

We're glad to have Dad home for a couple of weeks!

And we had pleasant weather yesterday.  The boys went on another hike in the ravine, exploring some new territory.  And now we're back to another stay-off-the-roads Sunday.  But hopefully this will all lead to a beautiful spring in a few short weeks!

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