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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The King Tut Exhibit

For Thomas's birthday, we surprised him with a family membership at the Indianapolis Children's Museum and tickets to the King Tut exhibit. We haven't had a membership at the Museum for a few years and the boys have been asking to return. And Thomas really loves Egypt, so we knew this would be a big hit.
Here's Brennan in the gift shop.

They added two super cool dinosaurs to the exterior of the museum since we were there last.

The super cool water clock in the museum lobby was a huge hit. The boys loved figuring out how it works. If you look closely you can tell we were there at 4:35.

There is a huge Chihuly sculpture in the Museum - 4 stories and it is beautiful.

Entrance to the King Tut exhibit. It was really fantastic and the boys enjoyed it a lot. The layout was similar to the King Tut tomb layout that the archaeologists found in 1922. There were some amazing 3000 year old artifacts on display. And some good videos and photographs of the discovery.

Outside the museum there is a 7 Wonders play area. Here are the boys on the Great Wall of China.

The Roman Coliseum

And the Mexican pyramids.

David especially liked the Egyptian tissue holder in the gift shop. See how the Kleenex are pulled through the nose? Classy, aren't we?

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