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Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Beautiful Saturday - Chihuhlys, Bagpipes, Bistro 310, and the Water Hose

While David was working on the pool and painting two decks, the boys and I did a bunch of stuff around town.

One stop we made was to the Visitor's Center to see the bagpipes. But first we had to check out the Chihulys inside the Center. The one above is one of my favorites - locally known as the "banana bunch".
Another set of Chihulys.

From the outside.

Architectural Tour Bus about to leave

Inside the Visitor's Center. Thomas gave Brennan and me the official tour since he knows it so well. His school is next door and they have been to the Visitor's Center for their community-based projects.

The bagpipe and drum ensemble was back from break so we stayed and listened to them play for awhile. Brennan was especially impressed and got a chance to study a bagpipe up close.

Then we headed to Bistro 310 to help our friends Jeff and Robin get ready for the opening next weekend. The Bistro was in the Commons Mall but that was torn down a year ago and the new Commons will be built soon (Save the Commons!). The new restaurant is going to be really great. The boys and I helped clean up. They are great at cleaning table legs, baseboards, and moving empty boxes. Here Chef Jeff is working with Brennan on the napkin fold design.

Since the pool is green (yes, I said green) the boys entertained themselves with a garden hose and the recycling container. The sunshine and warm temps were great! It was really a beautiful day!

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