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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

He's a Bear

I mentioned last month that Brennan had joined the Cub Scouts this year for the first time.  3rd graders are Bears.  He's had a great first couple of scouting months.  He shares this activity with Dad and Dad takes photos with his phone, so excuse the fuzziness!

The Den had a bike safety course a couple of weeks ago.  Mr. Kahlenbeck from the bike store where we have bought our bikes came and talked about bike safety and then the boys showed their skills by completing a small obstacle course.

 There's Brennan at the front.

And he's off

In addition to a number of other educational programs, the Pack took a camping trip this past weekend while I was in Chicago.

They went to Dayton, OH to the Air Force Museum at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.  After tours at the museum, the scouts set up camp.  This was Brennan's first camping trip and he was soooo excited.  I'm so glad the weather cooperated!

The next morning.  I was so glad David kept me updated with photos!  We were all 4 in different states this past weekend and it was an odd feeling! 

We're proud of our Scout!

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