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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Marathon Gifts and an MG Update

I am so excited to be going to Chicago this weekend with two girlfriends who are running their first marathon.  I am going along for moral support and to do the driving on the way back when their legs may feel like rubber.

I wanted to put together little gift bags for them to commemorate this momentus achievement.  I asked my favorite running blogger, Tricia, if she had any ideas.  Between the two of us, I came up with these goodies.

I bought a frame for each and embellished them with paints pens.  They read "26.2", "Chicago", and "2010".  I'll take a photo of the two of them at the race to put in their frames.  I got a bottle of bubbly to share in the hotel room.  Bath salts, lotion-infused fuzzy socks, Luna bars, Extra, and good dark chocolate.  Tricia suggested an iPod gift card too because they're probably tired of their music after months of training!  Thanks Tricia!

This guy was soooo happy when his MG carburetors arrived last week.  He sent them off to NY to be rebuilt and has been patiently waiting for them in the mail.

I won't attempt to describe correctly what all David has done on the MG of late.  He got the carburetors in, has the fuel pump working and has found some leaks in the fuel line.  He made a great list of parts he'd like for his birthday, even labeled the parts catalog for me.  He'd love to have the engine running in the next few weeks.

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