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Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 1988

Last night David was cleaning out his jewelry box the box where he keeps his one watch and a bunch of odds and ends.  He found a letter that I wrote to him on October 4, 1988 from college.  I was almost afraid to open it.

Being that TODAY is October 4th (22 years later), it felt like quite a coincidence and I had to read it.

I was 17, in my freshman year at Cottey College in Missouri.  My suitemates and I were doing "spot perms".  I don't even know that term now.  And I can tell you that with this thick hair, I never should have been getting a spot perm.  Apparently it was only in my bangs.  Why I thought my almost-20-year-old boyfriend needed to hear about this, I am not sure.

I talked about lots of mundane things in the 3-page hand-written letter.  Lots about my Calculus, Western Civ, and Spanish classes.  Lots about my suitemates (people he'd never met) and about an upcoming trip we were taking to the Ozarks.  God bless him for sticking by me and for reading my letters.  I wrote lots of them over the years we were dating.

And that perm?  It looked something like this.

That's me on the left and my sweet suitemates Monica and Karen.

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