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Thursday, March 29, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - A Place Where They Make Cool Stuff

A Place Where They Make Cool Stuff

In San Francisco we headed to Chinatown, specifically looking for the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory listed in the 101 Places book.  It gave us a chance to see Chinatown up close as well.

We even saw men playing Go

In an alley street we found the cookie factory, and I must say it's not what I expected, but a little place that is super busy. The gentleman who owns it speaks very little English, but waits outside the door directing tourists in.  Little did he know we were actually looking for his store.

They apparently make cookies over 3 shifts and ship box after box after box all day long.
The people making the cookies work for 5 minutes or so, then stand up and switch positions. 
They're always moving.

He gives everyone who comes in a fortune cookie, and was so happy to take our photo. 
He was not about to let me take his photo though.
He hugged the boys several times and gave us a bag of fortune cookies to take home.
I ended up buying water bottles from him because I felt like I needed to purchase something for his kindness.

Doesn't she look fierce?  She was actually very sweet.

From the Book:
#81 - A Place Where They Make Cool Stuff
If you've ever tried to make anything yourself, you know how hard it can be to get it just right.  Whether it's a batch of cookies or a model airplane, if one little thing goes wrong, you might not get the results you want.  That's why it's so interesting to visit a place where products are made - whether it's potato chips or guitars - to see how they get things done.  You can watch as wax is turned into crayons, or see big vats of gloppy sugar made into candy.  Find out what makes airplanes, cars, and snowboards move, and what keeps them from falling apart.  Your tour guide will explain how everything works, and you may just learn a few tips that you can use in your own creative endeavors.

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