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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Random Catch Up

The end of last week was sad in Indiana as tornadoes came through and several people were killed, including an entire family with 3 little ones.  We'll be working through our church to help those who are in need.  We appreciated all the calls - we were not in any way effected.  It was 50 miles or so south of us.  We just had some wind and rain.

This weekend was action-packed, let me tell you.

Thomas's Destination Imagination team had a late final practice Friday night, then he and Dad were off to the regional competition in Kokomo, Indiana all day Saturday.  It's a 2 hour drive and they had to be there by 8am.  Thomas had a lot of fun, but sadly his team did not advance to the State level.  DI is one of the highlights of Thomas's year - this was his 3rd year on a team and he loves it.

David took a couple of pictures with his Blackberry.  Thomas is in the red Poland t-shirt (part of their international skit).

Before the awards ceremony - they're all laughing and dancing.  Thomas is in his element here.

Brennan has daily/weekly responsibilities for the garbage and recycling at our house.
On Thursday we put our recycling bins down at the bottom of the driveway and Daniel takes our recycling to the recycling center

We have new recycling bins that I usually put in the back of the Honda on the way to school on Thursday mornings to place at the end of the driveway.  I asked Brennan to bring them back up Thursday evening and this is what we saw.

I meant - one at a time.  But, Brennan is efficient.
At the top of the driveway his neat stack toppled, but he got it done.

On Sunday Tomas participated in Youth Sunday at our church.  The kids design the sets, the scripts, the music, etc for the entire service.  It was really great to see all the energy!

It was hard to take good photos from my vantage point, but here's one a mom sent to me on facebook.
Thomas played his trumpet in 3 songs, was "Tiny Thomas" in their junior high skit, and participated in the music.  We were really proud of him!  Afterwards the youth group cleaned up, had a pizza party, and went bowling to celebrate.  Youth Group is a really good fit for Thomas!

Brennan and I did not go to Kokomo on Saturday because we had to work at two fundraisers, we were invited to an 80th birthday party that day, and I was asked to go through the training to be a Visitor's Center architectural tour guide. My pre-training started on Saturday.
I took the Miller House tour again, but this time with the museum coordinator and fully trained tour guides. It was a great refresher, and a behind the scenes look. It was really fascinating and I am excited about the next year or so where I'll go through proper training.


Mr. Miller

Because we haven't had any snow days this year the 3rd quarter ends this Friday instead of next Friday when Spring Break begins.  I've never experienced school without multiple snow days in Indiana.  I've got my fingers crossed that the kids get out of school on time this year!

We all went to see The Lorax and out to dinner on Sunday afternoon. 
Thomas downloaded the Lorax app for a quick photo.

A fun weekend, and hopefully a less exciting one coming up!

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