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Thursday, March 29, 2012

101 Places to See Before You're 12 - An Animal Rescue Center

An Animal Rescue Center

After you cross the Golden Gate Bridge, you enter the beautiful Golden Gate National Recreational Area.  We visited two places in this area while touring San Francisco.  Our first stop was in the Marin Headlands at the Marine Mammal Rescue Center.

This center is a hospital (and educational facility) that rescues and rehabilitates sick or injured marine mammals.  I believe it is almost entirely run by volunteer physicians and administrators.

A view of the Bay from the Marine Mammal Center.

A life-sized adult male elephant seal.

When we toured the area where the animals were rehabilitating, we had to be very quiet, just like in a regular hospital.  Most of the animals were very still and sleepy.  Recovery takes a lot out of an animal!

Look how small this adult elephant seal is in comparison to the bronze statue of a normal sized one.  This one was found abandoned but is making a full recovery.

The center is certainly impressive, and they do great work.

We were glad we got to stop by and see this site.

From the Book:
#8 - An Animal Rescue Center
From oil spills to predator attacks or mean owners, animals face a lot of dangers in the world.  Just like people, they need a safe place they can go for food, shelter, and the care they deserve.  Animal sanctuaries, refuges, and rescue centers are those kinds of places.  They take in injured wild animals, treat, and release them, or give orphaned, abused, and neglected animals a happy home.  Some animal sanctuaries specialize in certain kinds of animals, while others will take any animal in need.  If you're an animal lover, you've gotta meet the people who make the world a safer place for animals, and you've gotta give their animals a little more love!

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