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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It All Hits at Once, Doesn't It?

I mentioned that it seems like a whole bunch of house repairs have all come at once - 2012 seems like the year.  And, of course, several things happened the SAME WEEK that we had visitors in town!

We had the new cabinets put in, our chimney repaired, and a couple of trees fell into the backyard - all in the same week!

I was actually happy about the tree because this dead ugly one was sticking way out among the pretty ones but was way too high up for us to take care of.  Wind or gravity or something took care of it for us one night, and it didn't fall on the playground, so that's good news!

David spent a lot of time one evening cleaning up the loads of branches as best he could, but you can still see the big branches/trunks that were still connected.

So the Pilot got to use its "U" in SUV.  He tied ropes to the trees and my car.
Shelly and I watched from the deck, cheering him on!

I was just hoping the Pilot didn't get hurt!

Perfect, they all came down.  David was thrilled.

The next day our friends Mike and Barry came over with their chainsaws and helped cut up the trees.

Those were some big trees!  Still some wood left.  That wood will go to good use at Mike's farm, and we appreciated the help!

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