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Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Fun - part 4

While summer is still going full-force, I felt like with school starting today it was a nice time to wrap up our random summer fun posts.  We had a really great time, even though we didn't travel this year.  But summer vacation still felt pretty short!

Thomas attended a Lego Robotics camp in July, and of course loved it.
The camp leaders sent us a few photos I thought I'd share.
As opposed to just building with Legos, this class teaches you to program the Legos robots.

in his element...

We had a couple of swim parties at our house a few weekends ago.
We invited Brennan's 5th grade class over for a summer party.
More than half were able to come, many were still traveling for vacation.
Since the majority of his classmates were in last year's class as well, it was great to see everyone again and welcome a few new students.
They had a ton of fun swimming, snacking, and playing Capture the Flag.

I think he's going to have a great year!

The next day we invited the junior high youth group over to swim.
This is such a great group of kids.  They had a lot of fun together.
They all start Confirmation classes next Sunday, and youth group kicks off at the end of the month.

This boy is growing up so fast!

Barry and Leigh hosted an Olympics Opening Ceremony party that Friday night.
I had suuuuch a great time!
The boys and I picked up these cookies at the bakery to take along with a couple of other appetizers.

Aren't they cute?

Mr. Barry even made a child-friendly cocktail for the boys!

The boys asked me to include their desserts.
They plated them themselves - we've watched a lot of Food Network this summer, apparently.

We told Thomas we wanted him to start training for his first 5K race in September.
He was not thrilled, as you can see below.
He's OK with the running, but he is a little concerned about the "race" part of the equation - we continue to let him know that it's about his own personal best and not about racing necessarily.
He's training like a champ, but still isn't sold on the actual 5K race.

grumpy face

But his second time out, he did great, running a mile on the treadmill.  I snapped a photo to text to David at work.  He's doing about a 9.5 minute mile now and likes to do pull ups afterwards.  He's going to be great in September!

David got me an awesome chef's knife - I was so excited!  It use it all the time.

The boys attended a great day camp a couple of weeks go and were totally exhausted each night.
We relaxed this past week and went to doctor's appointments, got our school supplies, and rested up for the new school year.

It's hard to believe it's upon us already, but we're ready!

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