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Friday, August 24, 2012

Zip Lining!

We decided to take the boys to a Zip Lining course last weekend.
Of course, I made the reservations, ignoring the reality that I would need to zip line.
I tried once before as part of a training class at work, and ended up (after a very long time sitting on the super high platform) walking down the tree again.  I just couldn't force myself to scooch off.
This time, though, after much psyching myself up, I did it!  Three times!
Here I am on the second Zip Line - if you're reading this in email you'll need to switch over to the blog to see the 14 second video. 
And here's Brennan on his very first Zip Line! (Another video - switch over to the blog please if you don't see it in your email).
He did great!
Thomas was a natural, having been through a zip line and high ropes course at church camp this summer.
Brennan and me, all suited up and ready to head out.
Me - not sure at all!
I'm so glad I did it and I'm so glad I did 3 different ones!  There were 6 total, but after #3 I stopped, the adrenaline wearing off.  I'd like to do it again someday though and attempt all 3.
The best part was being there with my family, having them cheer me on.

1 comment:

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How much fun. One of the longest zip lines in NA is right across the GA state line. Trip want to do it this fall....