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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Finishing Up the Basement

Oh, it's been a fun project to work on three main areas of the basement.
I'm happy to report I think we're done. 
We might move some art work around, but it's functional and no longer a place to "store random stuff".  We got rid of what we didn't love or weren't using, and we have turned this area into real usable space.

This direction shows you what the east side of the back half (got that?) of the basement looked like.
Random pot, keyboard, scattered art, and an outdoor bar that stayed inside a lot.  Waste of space.

And now here is that same room. 
We added cabinets and a counter top, plus travel photos that I've taken.
The new chair (recognize it, Nancy?) makes for a great reading spot.
That chair and a half with ottoman is soooo comfortable. 
Little glass table to hold drinks for now - might go with something else there eventually.
And lots of air purifying potted plants.

The west side of the back half of the basement.
It looked great from a distance but the chairs and loveseat had a ton of wear.
I'll spare you the up close photos again.

And here we are now.
The boys have taken over the pub table for their laptop, but that's easily moved if we want to use it for another purpose.
I really love this area now.

And this is the front half of the living area in the basement.
When we moved in the previous owners left a large desk and office set up.

These changes we made last September and haven't changed anything since.
I just really like it - family photos, great storage, and way more inviting than the office furniture set up.

You can see all the previous posts on the basement here.
Oh, and I wanted to show you this piece I had made for us for Christmas.  I found it on Etsy.
It sits in a frame on the new cabinets.
I love it!

Now, on to the exterior of this house.  Phew.  A ton of ongoing projects right now!

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