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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mint Julep

What a great photo, you say? Well, it's a stock photo - not my own. A number of people sent in requests for me to do a Mint Julep this past Derby weekend. I declined however.

I didn't make the Mint Juleps for a couple of reasons. I have made them before, and I REALLY don't like them.

However, for all those who so politely requested - The Mint Julep.

The history is fuzzy, but we do know the Mint Julep became popular at the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC in the mid 1800's. Henry Clay of Kentucky introduced the cocktail at the hotel. This is pretty similar to the Old Fashioned's history.

My friend Lorie and I hosted a Derby brunch when we lived in Mexico. We had some amazing food and served Mint Juleps. Unfortunately - who knew how strong these were?! I was glad we had a lot of iced tea to serve as well!

David didn't have a Swizzle Stick rating on The Mint Julep since we didn't make one this weekend, although I would guess a 4, given the ingredients and lack of sweetener, and the fact that I really don't like them!

The Mint Julep - 3 oz. Bourbon (Early Times is the Derby favorite), 6 sprigs of mint, granulated sugar. Place mint and sugar in a Julep Cup or a Tom Collins cocktail glass. Add shaved ice and muddle the mixture so that the leaves release their flavor. Add the Bourbon and a mixture of crushed and cubed ice. Mix well and garnish with mint.



Mrs. Jelly Belly said...

The Mint Julep is one of those drinks that sounds delicious but isn't. I don't really care for it. Even on Derby Day. :)

Scott said...

Seems to me most Americans don't like liquor with flavor, hence the dislike of drinks with bourbon in them. Those not liking the julep would probably prefer the Mojito. I have a good Mojito recipe here