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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thomas's Race at Mill Race Park

Thomas participated in the Elementary Fitness Run yesterday. It was his first year. He ran a half mile, having never trained for this or practiced. He did great!

3rd and 4th graders lined up at the starting/finish line.

And they're off!

Thomas crossing the finish line! You know it took a lot out of him because he wasn't interested in the post-race hot dogs, lemonade, chocolate chip cookies, or Doritos. He just wanted water.

Showing off on the playground after the race.

We really love Mill Race Park. After the race we walked around the park before heading back to the car.

The playground

The two-sided amphitheater and watch tower.

Side view of Round Lake. These pictures just don't do the park justice.

Round Lake and the covered bridge

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