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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Piano Recital May 2009

Thomas and Brennan had their Spring Piano Recital Monday evening. We were so excited that Grandma and Grandpa Rushing were able to visit us! We had a really good time this weekend. The boys LOVED it that they went to their schools to pick them up, went to church with us, and attended their recital (along with the post recital ice cream treat).

Grandma Nan and Granpda Laroy

The players

Now on to the piano pieces. It was a little bit strange because the boys decided to play a duet in addition to their individual pieces. Brennan was first and did not bow after his performance because he had to go back to his seat and wait for Thomas to play before going back up for the duet. They did beautifully. I obviously DID NOT do beautifully with these videos. Chalk it up to trying to "direct", clap, keep eye contact with Brennan when he needed it, and film all at the same time.

We were so proud of them. They practiced hard and did well.

Here is Brennan playing "Willum" in D Minor. I cut off the beginning of his piece.

And Thomas playing "Alouette" in F Major.

And the boys playing Rain Dance/Iona. Brennan played the chords and melody - this is actually a 2nd year song but he chose it and had to learn it. Thomas provided the drum beats.

In addition to church and the piano recital, we enjoyed a number of other activities with Grandma and Grandpa. We went to Ceraland and played 18 holes of putt putt, had two yummy meals at Bistro 310 and The Fork for brunch, visited the outlet mall, and saw "Angels and Demons". We spent a lot of time outside on Sunday - it was really beautiful. Unfortunately pretty chilly off and on and we weren't able to swim. But it was so great to have visitors.

We miss you already! See you next month!


Scott said...

Very nice job, boys!

Xazmin said...

They sound teriffic! And they look so handsome too! Glad you were able to have a fun family weekend.