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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Rob Roy

Jeanne MacGregor, this one is for you since Rob Roy is an ancestor of yours. Warning - I'm not sure you want to order one of these.

Those of you following my Bartending Year on our family blog know that any time David gives something 5 Swizzle Sticks - it's doubtful I'm going to enjoy it. The trend continues.

David very much enjoyed the Rob Roy. And, why not? It's similar to the Manhattan. As with the Manhattan, there are variants of the Rob Roy. A Dry Rob Roy is made with Dry Vermouth. A Perfect Rob Roy is made with equal parts Sweet and Dry Vermouth. I went with the classic.

Rob Roy was a Scottish folk hero and outlaw in the 18th century. His story was fleshed out in Sir Walter Scott's "Rob Roy", published in 1807. Recently Liam Neesom played him in the movie. Rob Roy was from Clan MacGregor and is buried on the shore of Loch Katrine in Scotland.

I could not find any references to the origins of this cocktail. But it's generally assumed it was first mixed and named in the 1940s. It is named after Rob Roy because of his red hair and Scotch heritage.

David's Swizzle Stick Ratings
The Rob Roy - 5 Swizzle Sticks

Rob Roy - Scotch Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, Angostura Bitters. Add the Scotch, Vermouth, and a dash of Angostura Bitters to an Old Fashioned cocktail glass. Swizzle and fill with a mix of cubed and crushed ice.

I used Dewar's Scotch because we had it and David said, "oh it's fine if it's going in a mixed drink", but I understand from my Scotch expert, that Johnnie Walker Red or Black label is definitely preferred.

Yes, I sipped. I'm not sure my esophagus has forgiven me.


Scott said...

Dewars is crap, but David's right, if it's going in a drink, it's alright.


jenjen said...

Hi there! Thanks for coming by and saying hi! What a fun blog you have. I am excited to look around and get to know you better.