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Monday, September 28, 2009


We had a wonderful time at Camp PYOCA this weekend with our church. It was a retreat for families with younger children. The kids got to play in the lake.

Brennan enjoyed his paddle boat ride with Daddy. That's Flat Stanley he's holding. He's visiting us from Alexandria, Virginia this month. More about Flat Stanley later.

The beautiful lodge at Camp PYOCA.

Saturday was gorgeous. We enjoyed a cookout with all of the families. The boys loved cooking their own hot dogs. We were going to make s'mores but it began POURING right after dinner. We all headed back to the lodge and had a fun night of games and catching up. Pastor Peggy (our youth minister) had all the younger ones playing Duck, Duck, Goose and Red Rover, Red Rover. We adults enjoyed Jenga, charades and an Apple card game that I need to learn more about. It looked like a lot of fun.

Thomas took the following pictures Sunday morning before our church service and lunch.

This was the first tree we saw where the leaves were turning colors. It's going to be a beautiful view at Camp PYOCA in two weeks. Our leaf season is at its peak in mid-October.

We "cabined" which is the closest to camping I get. It was rustic enough, but really very comfortable. We all stayed in bunk beds which was truly fun for Thomas and Brennan. The friendships, relaxing, and beautiful scenery really made the weekend. David took the boys on an hour-long hike on Sunday. Except for me locking BOTH sets of keys in the car and having to call a (very nice) locksmith, the weekend was just perfect!

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