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Friday, September 18, 2009


It's always a sad day when we close our pool for the year. Since we only get 3-4 months of good warm swimming weather (we're wusses about swimming in the cold water) it's sad to see it end. I realize this time of year brings gorgeous weather, autumn leaves, and the holidays, but I'm a summer girl. I can assure you David is THRILLED to see this photo.

In other news...

Thomas did a great job creating a diorama for the class's most recent literature discussion. His group read "The BFG" by Roald Dahl (same writer as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"). In this scene, the Army and Air Force are capturing 9 sleeping giants who are terrorizing people. Probably the most violent scene in an otherwise sweet and gentle book. Go figure. PLUS, we got to buy Army men which Thomas has never had. He and Daddy especially enjoy melting the leftover Army men with a lighter outside. Boys.

Thomas's teacher was very impressed with his creativity. They spray-painted the shoe box with textured spray paint (I didn't know about this stuff!) to look like the desert where the giants live. Good job Thomas!

1 comment:

Solshine said...

LOL! Boys, indeed! Amazing what they pick up on and remember, eh? Great diorama, Thomas!