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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Mimosa

After 29 cocktails this year, I have decided to end my quest to learn to bartend in 2009. I'm just about out of cocktail ideas - I was going for the classic ones that I had heard of but did not begin to know how to concoct. It's been a really fun exercise. I end with The Mimosa - one of my favorites.

The Mimosa was said to have been created at the Paris Ritz in 1925. It is very similar to a British cocktail - the Buck Fizz - that was said to have been invented in 1921. In the US the name Mimosa is used, but outside the US it's typically known as the Buck Fizz. The Mimosa was named for the mimosa plant which is bright yellow.

I joined my friend Robin Saturday night at her house, enjoying appetizers from their restaurant and having a little champagne - Robin's cocktail of choice. I decided to try The Mimosa that evening and loved it. Ironic that David wasn't involved in our last drink - but I think he would have liked it just fine.

The Mimosa - 1 cup orange juice, 1.5 cups Champagne. Pour in a pitcher and stir gently. Immediately pour into Champagne Flutes so the bubbles will last longer.

Photo above not taken by me - found online.

I've really enjoyed learning how to mix cocktails. I'm on to food next - dishes I've always wanted to make myself, ingredients I haven't used before. I'll keep Brennan involved because he just LOVES to cook and write his own recipes. He watches Food Network regularly. We both love The Barefoot Contessa, and Brennan loves any show where they're making desserts. It should be fun.

I will say that of the Bartending experience, there were a few that David especially enjoyed - Vodka Martini, the Sidecar, and the Biscayne Manhattan - to name a few. My favorites included the Amaretto Sour, Tom Collins, Mojito, and my old favorite - Gin & Tonic.

On to the food!

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