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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hope Ride 2009 - we rode 30 miles!

We participated in the Hope Ride to raise funds for their local food bank today. This was David's and Brennan's first organized ride and we really outdid ourselves. It was great!

We participated in the 25 mile ride which turned out to be 28.5 - it wasn't an official course and all those who had participated before knew the course distances were "round numbers". Add in riding from the car to the start and back - we rode exactly 30 miles. The boys did GREAT!

It started with a big pancake breakfast at the starting point. Along the way there were a couple of stops full of music and food. At the first stop there was a petting zoo which Thomas loved.

Thomas was sad to leave this friendly pup.

Fun music

Stop 2 was Simmons Winery. Brennan enjoying a non-wine beverage.

Beautiful grapes at Simmons.

They were getting ready for an outdoor wedding this evening. Beautiful day for it!

We could not believe we completed 30 miles. We weren't sure we'd get the boys to do 25. We were half-way planning to do the 13 miler instead. Add .03 to get the bike back to the car and it was exactly 30 miles.

Here we are at the end of the ride - root beer floats for all the riders. They definitely treated us right.

I am so proud of Brennan. I was so impressed with his great attitude - 30 miles and not a single moment spent whining. Everyone cheered him on along the way. Just impressive. Both boys were troopers and will sleep well tonight I'm sure.

1 comment:

Solshine said...

Awesome! I seriously doubt I could ride 30 miles, much less do that and enjoy all the other things y'all did.