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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day in Mississippi and at Dinosaur World

We had a really good time visiting family in Mississippi over Labor Day weekend. We took an extra day and had a fun time seeing everyone, going to a football game, and eating way too much as usual when we head south.

The Boatwright/Bretheim Cousins - there's nothing more fun than playing in a pack-n-play when you're too old for it.

Thomas (9), Brennan (7), Natalie (5), Danielle (2)

Walking to the football stadium - doesn't look like rain's a possibility, does it?

We couldn't get much higher up in the stadium but it was fun, until...

Just before kick-off it POURED rain. And thundered. And then there was a rain delay. No one got to eat these nachos or drink the drinks - they were drenched.

The Boatwright/Rupp Cousins. Thomas (9), Ellie (4), Taylor (7), Brennan (7)

On the way home we stopped at Dinosaur World. This was our 4th visit and the boys never get enough of it. They love to stop on our trips to the south and it really is a fun diversion.

Brennan in a T-Rex

Studying the dinosaur plaques - telling about the dinosaurs and where their fossils have been found.

Our future paleontologist is in the yellow.

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