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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day in Mississippi

We had a really great time visiting family in Mississippi over Labor Day weekend.  It was too, too short and I got sick on Sunday.  Otherwise, wonderful visit!

David and Dave (our brother-in-law) went to the MSU - Memphis game.  We were victorious!  I hear it was a fun time.  The women folk and kids all stayed home and watched from the comfort of Grandma Nan's living room!

Who do you think this family is rooting for?

Because I'm the photographer and was sick on Sunday I didn't take many photos. 

But here are two of the boys with their grandmothers!

The boys had fun with their 4 cousins.  Here's Danielle with Thomas.

The girls are trying hard to help Thomas win his game.  He was trying hard not to lose his cool with all the help :)

And my favorite photo of the trip...

Thomas (10), Danielle (3), Natalie (6) and Brennan (8)

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