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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love My New Fall Wreath

This week I made a pretty fall wreath, much like the Christmas one I did last year.  I really like this one.  As always there was some trial and error that I'll tell you about but I'm really enjoying this wreath now that it's done!

I started with an assortment of fall colored ornaments that were 60% off from Hobby Lobby. 

I ran a bead of hot glue around the topper so that they wouldn't slip off when hanging on the "wreath".  If I had used plastic ones this wouldn't be such an issue.  But I liked the colors of these glass ones.

I used a rather flimsy white hanger which I spray painted so that the white wouldn't show through.  The flimsy hanger didn't work.  The ornaments were too heavy.  The wreath was an oval when hanging.  I was seriously concerned the wreath would come apart.

So I went with a sturdier hanger, molded it into a circle and starting stringing it with ornaments.  Then I twisted the hanger back together and added the ribbon.

David stapled the ribbon to the top of the window frame and we were ready to go!

I can continue adjusting the ornaments around but I'm really enjoying the look of the wreath right now!

And since I don't have a tree to hang the extra ornaments on like I do at Christmas, I made a little centerpiece with the leftovers.

Happy Fall!

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