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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Welcome to the Family, Dragon!

Thomas has been really excited about getting a fish.  He has earned this fish by starting off a fantastic 5th grade year and really helping out with his chores. 

After much research he decided on a Beta Fish.  They are apparently the easiest to care for and they look really cool.  Friday night David and I went to a neighbor's for drinks and appetizers but we told T we would be back in time to go to Petco.  He called us at our neighbors to remind us of the time.

So Friday night Thomas and Dad picked out the bowl and accessories.

This is one happy boy.

And yesterday after the Hope Ride like we rode last year we stopped at Petco to pick out The Fish.  Thomas has named him Dragon and is taking very good care of him.  I mentioned to David that this is a gateway pet to get us to that dog I really want :)

Dragon will move from the kitchen to Thomas's bedroom today now that he's used to his new bowl and water temperature.

Welcome to the family, Dragon!

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