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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bringing Home the Baby

David went to Mississippi for the weekend to see the family and pick up his dad's 1963 MGB.  Don bought the car new in 1963 as a second car and I remember David driving it in high school. 

It's a great car! 

The MG hasn't been driven in several years and David has been excited about bringing it home.  A new project for him and the boys.

He prepared the nursery (garage), cleaning and organizing it (nesting), even hanging up a decorative mirror (that we were going to throw out - he'd like to point out he didn't spend any money on it).  He bought books and tools and he's ready to go with his new hobby.  The boys are very excited about helping.  I'm excited about having a convertible :) 

{Can you tell David's standing behind me as I write this?  Never has he cared so much about our family blog :)  } 

Here it is coming home - note the tarp and rope holding the convertible top down.

After much a bit of drama, the three of us got the MG off the trailer and into the garage.  Brennan lucked out by being at the movie with a friend.

David put the top down and he's ready to get started.  First order of business - a good cleaning and then the battery, starter, fuel pump, and rebuilding the carburetors.

Welcome Home, MG!


Paula said...

Your boys are going to have fun with that! I hope you get to go for a ride very soon!!

adventure grrl said...

Ooooo, I finally found you! I just saw a sweet comment from you on my blog and I wanted to let you know I am back to blogging on 100 days in Bed. I hope you are great!

PS, your blog looks fabulous! And I want that car!!!!