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Thursday, May 24, 2012

6th Grade Graduation

Yesterday was jam-packed. 

Not only was it the last day of school, but I led the 4th grade End of School party all morning, we had Brennan's case conference to re-set his IEP for next year, and we had Thomas's 6th grade graduation!

We're so glad my mom and David's mom are able to be here this week!
They've gotten to see what our typical week looks like (crazy busy), and are going to stay an extra day and enjoy the first day of summer with us!

Elementary School graduations are a big deal locally.
Our school puts on a very nice graduation, complete with Pomp & Circumstance, awards, and a reception afterwards.  Thomas was so excited that his grandmothers were able to see him graduate!

I did not have a great vantage point (I'll know better in 2 years when it's Brennan's turn!).

The four 6th grade classes march in two-by-two to Pomp & Circumstance.

All 6th grade students write a speech about what the school has meant to them.
The teachers read each one and then they choose one presenter from each class to give graduation speeches.  They also share the President Education Awards (not sure I have is name right), which Thomas received.  Then each student goes up to receive his diploma from his teacher and the principal.

Then the students turn to face us.  The graduating class of 2012!

It was awesome!  I love that the school makes such a great big deal.  I love that we were all there.

Afterward we headed to the reception and collected Thomas and all of his stuff.
During May, the PTO creates a "Baby Pirates" bulletin board and the 6th graders take in a baby photo.  They hang them and everyone tries to guess who is who.  Here's Baby Thomas and 6th grade Thomas!

Grandma Carolyn, Thomas, and Grandma Nan

Mrs. Stroh and Thomas

Next year Mrs. Stroh will be Brennan's math teacher, and then his 6th grade teacher the following year.  She just can't get away from the Boatwright boys!

Their grandmothers took the boys out for a much-deserved last day of school ice cream while we stayed for Brennan's case conference.  Then we all enjoyed some time out by the pool!

Summer is here!!


Kristen said...

How cute is that? I don't know if our school does a graduation for the 6th graders. I guess I will see next year. I remember being in 6th grade... crazy how old I am now. I am jealous that you get to swim, I want to go swimming. :)

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Yay!!! I know you are as happy as I am! :D

School is out, IEP meetings are all finally behind me, and we are at the lake for the long weekend.