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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Brennan's End of 4th Grade

Brennan had a really challenging, but very good 4th grade year.

He started the academic challenge program and was kept so busy with all the volume of classwork, projects, activities, and programs that he found himself fully engaged in school!  It truly is a challenging program for each student who enters it in the 4th grade, and for those with any sort of special need like Brennan, it's even more of a challenging year. 

We were so happy with his progress this year, and the hard work he put into all he was expected to take on.  I served as the "Room Mom" in his class, helping out in a number of ways.  It was great for me to be involved in his class on a weekly basis.  Brennan likes my being there, and I like getting to know the kids better, and knowing what all is going on in the classroom.

Here are a few photos that came home with him from Pioneer Days.  They visited a one-room schoolhouse in our county.  Typical Brennan - has a question.

Also typical Brennan, can only imagine what he is lecturing about.

On the last day of school we room moms hosted the End of School party - sort of a mini Field Day outdoors.  The kids rotated to different stations and ended the party with popsicles and water bottles.

Here are a few of Brennan and his classmates at the party.

Double hooping

Eamon and Will showing their skills

Kennedy in the jump roping/running relay

Jump rope competition

Cora Beth blowing bubbles

Megan hooping

Ball Pass Relay - the girls were serious about beating their previous times

Dutch Jumping for the first time

Brandon sharing his yo-yo skills

Sotaro in the bubble gum blowing contest

Brennan was so excited that David and his grandmothers go to come to his party at school and meet his teachers and friends.  We spent the afternoon out by the pool, celebrating the start of summer!

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