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Sunday, May 27, 2012

High School Graduations!

We have had a great weekend celebrating High School graduations with friends.

On Friday we headed to Kentucky to celebrate my godson, Scottie's, graduation.

We stopped by for his Open House before heading to the graduation Friday evening.

Thomas and Brennan enjoyed seeing Scottie's cool room and seeing Aunt Jeanne and family.

 I love these t-shirt quilts that are so popular today.  Have I saved enough t-shirts from the boys' youth to make one in a few years?  And that's hilarious - I don't mean that I will be making a beautiful quilt - I meant "to have one made!"

Of course, Brennan can always be counted on to sniff out the Cokes and cookies when we head to a party.

Saturday morning we returned to Scottie's house for a lovely brunch with his out of town family and friends.  Thomas enjoyed playing with Misty and Abbie.  Brennan's smile is plastered on.  He's rather nervous around "jumpy" dogs.  These two are very friendly and calm though!  It's great for him to get to know pets again since we haven't had a pet in 7 years.

Then we headed to Jeanne's friends' farm to check out the animals!
I wasn't dressed appropriately for this side adventure, so Thomas was happy to take the camera and take some good photos while they were all out meeting the farm animals.  They had a great time.

We made it back to town in time to attend Lauren's graduation Open House as well!

Again, Cokes, a swing, and a party.  The boys are all set!

We are headed to our friend Amanda's Open House this afternoon, before going out to dinner to celebrate Thomas and Brennan's fantastic state testing scores that were available for the students' families to see online today.  We're proud of both of them for the work they put into their school work this year.

All this graduation talk and visiting has been fantastic! 
It made me think about my own High School graduation back in the day. 
I vividly remember Daddy taking this photo of me after the ceremony when I got home and took off the graduation gown.

Hawaii graduations are awesome!

Happy Graduation to All the Graduates!

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