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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Germany/Austria Photos - Post 2

Continuing our Spring Break trip with our second full day.
We left Rothenburg and stopped by Lehrberg where we lived for a year and a half when I was a 6th and 7th grader.  So I was Brennan's age when I lived there.  It of course looks much different now.

Then we stopped in Ansbach to see my old high school where I attended as a 7th grader.  I learned to play trumpet that year, was on the track team, and attended many football games and school dances.  It was a great year!

We headed south to Garmisch - a beautiful ski resort town.

We hiked to the gorge, passing some relics of the 1936 Winter Olympics - IV Olympics (the 4th winter Olympic games in modern times!)

It was a beautiful hike up the gorge.
Daddy has shared his much better photos with me - so the iPhone ones are obvious.  The good ones are Daddy's.

Garmisch was beautiful and we ate at a great restaurant in town - the food was a mix of cultures including Bulgarian where the owner was from.

Then we headed off to Munich.

We arrived at the Marienplatz plaza just as the Glockenspiel was playing.

The Glockenspiel is in the Neue Rathaus (new city hall), and the Alte Rathaus (old city hall) sits off to the right.

Brennan was surprised when this "statue" thanked him after he put money in his collection box.

In the 6th grade I went on a train trip with my class to Munich for a week.  We stayed in dorms at a local university and we went to the Deutsches Museum - an excellent science/technology/engineering museum.  I vividly remember the museum.  The boys name this as one of their top experiences on this trip!

The Deutsches Museum

While the men toured the museum, Mama and I walked around and had a snack at a cafe.  It was a beautiful early spring day in Munich!

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