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Monday, April 7, 2014

Germany/Austria Trip - Post 4

Warning:  There are gobs and gobs of photos in this post!

We left our cozy hotel in Berchtesgaden and headed to Salzburg, Austria next!  We had a very full day walking all over Salzburg.  It was certainly a highlight of the trip for me.  The city offered so much history and a lot of sites that I wanted the boys to see in Europe.

We parked near the Mirabell Palace and Gardens to start our walk.

There was a kiosk advertising The Sound of Music tours with cow art.  I wanted to spend the day in Old Town, not on a bus, but I couldn't resist snapping a photo of the cow.

It was so nice to see some blooming, even on a chilly and windy day.

And then we saw the gardens!
And I checked my notes and realized this was the garden where they filmed part of the "Do Re Mi" song portion of the movie.
Cool view of the Cathedral and Fortress in the background too!

I found this clip online and made the following photo of the movie scene and our view!
Pretty cool!

Up close of the Fortress and Cathedral (green dome) across the river 

We crossed the Salzach River to the rest of Old Town and saw the lovers lock bridge.  The original is in Paris but these are apparently popping up all over Europe.  You take a lock and write your names on it, then throw the key in the river.  The Salzburg lock color is red so you can always buy a lock in town if you didn't bring one.

There are 3 Mozart buildings in town, but this is the one with the good museum - Mozart's Birthplace

There are so many churches, civic buildings, and store fronts in Old Town.  I loved all the architecture.  We popped in many of the churches and buildings on our walk.

The Glockenspiel

In the Cathedral Plaza - view of the Fort

The front of the Cathedral

Main aisle in the Cathedral

Beautiful, beautiful interior!

Outside of St. Peter's Abbey and Cemetery

The oldest restaurant in Europe that is still in business - this is the main entry into the building - you can see tables once you enter through the arches.  There's a beautiful interior area too.  The restaurant has been in operation since 803.  Brennan couldn't believe it - pre 1000 AD!

We had to step into the St. Peter's Abbey cemetery since this is where the cemetery scene at the end of The Sound of Music was filmed.

Where the scene in the movie was filmed.

The cemetery chapel

A wall of plaques - one dating back to 1400 -  in the cemetery

David and the boys did a quick tour of the catacombs. You can see Thomas in the window of the catacombs.

After exhausting all of the Old Town sites we headed to the Salzburg Fortress.

We could have walked up but we took the cable cars.

We kept seeing information about the "Baileys" at the Fortress.  We had Bailey (the puppy) on our minds the whole time.  Turns out the a Motte and Bailey castle (or fortress) were introduced in Europe by the Normans. A Bailey was a defended yard separate by the next level of the fort usually by a ditch or a moat.  This photo below shows the area between two Baileys in the Salzburg Fortress.  This fortress was first built in 1077 and it was renovated in the 1600s.  Thomas lists the Fortress as one of the highlights of the trip.

Canon pointed to defend the Cathedral

We walked back to our rental cars and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.  Salzburg is a beautiful city.

We headed back to Munich and enjoyed a great dinner together at a nearby Greek restaurant!

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