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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Update on the Boys

Before I return to the Bailey and Germany photos, I wanted to include a few things about the boys.


Since Spring Break he's started his last quarter as an Elementary School student!

His teacher had a baby right before Spring Break.
The 4th-6th grade AC (academic challenge) classes had a surprise Baby Shower for her and it was really awesome.  We miss her but really like our 4th quarter substitute as well.  It's an exciting last season as a 6th grader!

Baby shower photos:

4th, 5th, and 6th grade AC students

Brennan's 6th Grade Class and Mrs. Stroh

One of the students made this!

Mrs. Stroh and Brennan  

In anticipation of our puppy arriving, we were really excited that our friend Tom got a new English springer spaniel puppy - Marlowe.  Brennan got more puppy experience!

Brennan started out our church service on Sunday by playing a Native American beat on a bongo drum.
It was really impressive.  Here other children are coming up to sing along to the opening hymn.

Brennan is still singing with the city-wide Children's Choir and has several concerts coming up this Spring.  He's also still playing percussion in the 6th grade band and plans to continue in Middle School.

Speaking of Middle School, Brennan is getting ready for the big transition.  We've met with his teachers and they're ready for him.  

He also takes his first Mission Trip this summer - his age group is going to Detroit for an opportunity to help in a number of ways.

Thomas chose his high school based on the one he knows the best because of his involvement with their band, drama, and cross-country programs.  It is really hard to believe he's started his last quarter as a Middle Schooler!

Thomas is often involved in special portions of our church services. 
On Sunday he was in a skit and got lots of laughs for his comedic relief efforts.

Speaking of drama, Thomas got in the car after school one day and started his clearly-practiced speech by saying, "Mom you know how I'm really into Drama, right?"  He asked me to take him back to school for the Drama Club meeting.  He then tried out for the Spring play and got the male lead!  He's in after school practices now and we're looking forward to the performance soon.

Thomas is running now that the weather is (finally) turning nice, getting ready for some spring 5K's.  He's also got a bunch of band competitions coming up, and stays busy with his church and social activities.

The husband of the boys' 5th grade teacher (and my good friend) is running for Judge.  We attended a rally for his campaign and took these great photos.

The boys certainly stay busy!

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