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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Germany/Austria Trip Post 5

After a day in Munich we headed to Regensburg on the confluence of the Danube and Regen rivers.
It is a beautiful city that we'd never visited, and it had a great history being the most northern point on the Danube River.

The Romans first built a fort in Regensburg in 90 AD.  
There are many Jewish settlers in Regensburg despite the fact that in the First Crusade all Jews in the city who resisted conversion were killed.

The stone bridge was built across the Danube in the 1100s allowing trade between Venice and the rest of Northern Europe to open up - making Regensburg a spot for lots of wealthy merchants.

We started in the visitor's center museum which is attached to a beautiful church

Portions of the museum are in the church which dates back to the 1400s

Brennan with the stained glass windows in the church/museum 

After touring the museum we headed towards the Cathedral, noting the beautiful architecture in the old town

And then we could see the Cathedral towers in the distance

I love the variety of architecture in this photo below:

Here are the boys on the right side of the Cathedral 

It's hard to get the front of the cathedral in one photo!

It's a beautiful German Gothic church which was started in the 1200s.

 Posed photo "another cathedral??"
But they were rather tired.
We promised lunch after the tour

My photos don't do justice to the interior, all the stained glass windows and the altars.  It's just beautiful.

We had a great Italian lunch right next to the Cathedral.  My back was to it.  It was wonderful to sit outside and look at the beautiful church!

And then we went on a bus tour of the city

This may be my favorite tower!

The Danube River

 The Roman stone bridge I mentioned before that was built in the 2nd century.  It's been reinforced now for vehicles. 

Remnants of the Roman stone wall that surrounded the city starting in the 2nd century

The boys and I loved this narrow hotel.  Wonder what it was like inside??

After WWII the city chose to focus on preserving historical architecture that survived bombings rather than rebuilding.  The city has some stunning architecture.

Not a posed photo!  I promise, the bus tour was not this boring :)

 I'm so glad we decided to check out Regensburg on the Danube.  
It was a wonderful day trip!

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