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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Germany/Austria Trip - Final Post!

A have a few final photos from our wonderful trip to Germany and Austria over Spring Break!

Daddy, David, and the boys went to the BMW Museum in Munich and had a great time!

I'd forgotten about paying to use the public bathrooms!
We always made sure to have enough Euros on hand.

At our hotel in Munich we had this vending machine on our floor.
I know David enjoyed it. 

I absolutely just loved driving through the countryside every day on our way to the next destination. 
Germany is a beautiful country and I loved just driving along the highway.

They have a lot of solar "farms" that they use to generate energy.  We'd see them pop up every once in awhile.

Hops growing in the fields

The road signs were a great memory too.

These were my absolute favorite.  Before every new town there was a brown and white sign announcing the town with an example of some of the sites to see.  This one for Regensburg showed the old Roman bridge and the Cathedral.  Even tiny little towns had these signs.  I think we should do this in the US.

I never did find out why some cities (like Nurnberg below) have a red dot next to them - maybe it's a capital city??

Cool to see Prague, Czech Republic listed on this sign!

And Berlin here.

And my absolute favorite thing was to see all the little cities pop up as we were driving by.  They all had beautiful red roofed buildings and a church with a beautiful steeple and bell.

We enjoyed some of the English translations we saw along the way.
Brennan couldn't stop laughing about "Bananen Flic Flac"
at the Italian restaurant in Regensburg where we ate outside in front of the beautiful Cathedral.

We ate at a traditional German restaurant on our last night in Frankfurt.  There were some funny translations on the English menu.

"Toast and something like sausage"

There's a traditional dessert of vanilla ice cream with warm berries and its "English name" is "Hot Love"

The kids' menu was written as "For our tiny geasts"

Can't just get tap water which I craved.
This was the most beautiful water bottle I'd gotten though.
Thomas had to photo bomb :)

Brennan thought it important to show our love of Spezi (Coke and Fanta).  We had many, many Spezis.

And I have to finish our trip with this beautiful plate of Jaeger Schnitzel.
Daddy searched everywhere for this traditional dish but he never found it - until the last night.
Thank goodness!

We had a wonderful, wonderful trip - made even more special because my parents were there to share it with us and show us the sites.  I could easily return to Germany to visit (or live!) 

A wonderful Spring Break!!

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