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Saturday, April 11, 2009

5K and Tae Kwan Do

This morning I did a 5K walk and then David brought the boys out and they participated in their first Fun Run. The were in the "big kids" division. Brennan wore himself out before the race by running all around. He also "got ready" this morning by getting on our treadmill and promptly jogging 3/10 of a mile barefoot, without breaking a sweat. I don't think the boys have ever run before, other than just on the playground. I think Brennan would be good at it.

And Thomas would too if the run was standing between him and an Easter Egg Hunt like it was today.
The kids had fun collecting eggs and a goody bag for participating in the run.

This afternoon David and Thomas earned their blue tip in Tae Kwan Do testing. It's the point in between Green and Blue Belts. David broke his board on the first try of his roundhouse kick. He declined a photo, but we're proud of him nonetheless.
Thomas is very, very proud of himself!! Check out that board he broke!

Happy Easter!

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